Minna Allison represents the voice of the parents


Minna Allison represents the voice of the parents of the Peters Township School District. She has served on various committees and volunteered her time to do "what is right" for the students in the schools. Minna understands policy and procedures in order to analyze challenges while moving the educational climate into a positive direction. Strong leadership in education is about seeing the whole child. I can strongly attest to the way Minna advocates for the essential academic and social opportunities affecting growth and development from kindergarten to 12th grade and beyond.


Kelly Gustafson

Former Principal, Bower Hill Elementary School

I am very excited and pleased that Minna has decided to put her name on the ballot to be a Peters Township School Director. I have known her to be child-centered and a citizen who is willing to actively work to help bring a positive influence to our schools. She is a good listener and respects the value of working with others.


Sandy Gregg

Peters Township School Board Director

I have worked with Minna thru the PTA for more than five years. She has been a leader who has always gone "above and beyond " to focus her energy on improving the educational outcome for all students of Peters Township School District and will be an excellent addition to the PTSD School Board. I wholeheartedly endorse her.


Sue Smith

Peters Township School Board Director

2008 - present


Minna is deeply committed to educational quality in Peters Twp and a strong advocate for what she believes in.


Julie Ogburn,

Parent of Four PT Students; Creative Learning Collaborative Founder; and, FIRST Robotics Team #4467 Titanium Titans Co-Coach

Minna Allison will be a great school board representative for Peters Township. She is forward thinking and not up for the status quo. Minna is always willing to listen to other people's thoughts and ideas to exchange thoughtful discussions. I've known Minna for  over 8 years and she's always been an involved parent willing to lend a hand to many volunteer groups to benefit the youth in our community . Having someone who really and truly has the best interest of the kids at heart will be a true benefit . Minna will be pro active and work hard to ensure the children of Peters Township receive a great education but also have a great school experience. I believe Minna will bring back a sense of community and pride to Peters Township!


Beth Mary,

Peters Township Parent


Mrs. Allison is one of the most valuable members of this township. Her dedication to both academics and extracurricular activities is unwavering. When support is needed by her children and others, she is willing to go to whatever lengths necessary to ensure that it is done well.   My personal experience with Mrs. Allison in the Peters Township Marching Band has been one of pleasure and encouragement. Whenever parental support is needed I know that Mrs. Allison is someone I can go to gain said support. Mrs. Allison is a wonderfully committed individual and would make an excellent addition to the Peters Township School Board.


Sebastian Hymson,

PTHS Senior

I was thrilled when I learned that Minna decided to run to represent our community as a Peters Township school board director. Minna has the unique ability to present creative solutions to challenges facing the district. She is a collaborative leader who listens to all sides of an issue before making recommendations for solutions. We would be lucky to have Minna as our representative.


Joanne Bates,

Peters Township Parent



Minna for school board is an easy choice.  Minna is smart, honest, articulate and brings excellent credentials to this position.  Minna has been a passionate advocate for what is right for our children. She takes the time to do her homework and fully understands the issues she is working on. I can't think of anyone.better suited for the job.


Betsy Raber,

Peters Township Parent


Mrs. Allison has given so much of her time to not only the high school but the other schools in our district.  The students appreciate her volunteerism and all her hard work and the money she has raised through the PTA for programs for our schools.


Gregory Bates,

PTHS Student


I have had the pleasure of knowing Minna for many years.  I have served on District PTA boards with her and can attest to her dedication to making Peters Township School District a better place.  She has always worked hard to improve educational opportunities for our students, is knowledgable about building operations and personell and would definitely be an asset to the Peters Township School Board.


Lisa Anderson

Peters Township School Board Director

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